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From design conception through landscape maintenance the proper procedure insures the creation you desire

Consultation: Understanding your interests for your garden, (functional, aesthetic, and financial). Advising and proposing options for the general composition and ambiance of the garden to be created.

We work with you to identify ways the landscape can accommodate your unique lifestyle or intentions for the property. It is not our objective to tell you what you should do, rather to figure out what will best suit your circumstances. This includes functional, aesthetic, and environmental aspects as well as project budget and future plans for property (stay, sell, or rent). With this understanding we will discuss our options for the landscape composition in order to arrive at a mutual understanding for optimal results.

Design: a plan view specifying material, location, variety, and quantity is prepared and presented to you with explanation and example.

Installation: as specified by the design and contract, the garden is installed.

Maintenance: Though we don't do regular weeding and cleanup we'll gladly consult with your gardeners to ensure proper development of you garden. The major maintenance 2-3 times per year, (pruning woody plants, dividing perennials, changing annuals) we prefer to do ourselves. Our interest in maintenance is the proper development of your garden.

Tree work: Few things offer more comfortable and permanent natural feeling than mature trees, especialy when pruined by a professional and artistic hand.

If you like what you see and are interested in an Admiral Green garden please contact us.

What do we hear from our clients?

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